Short Shrift

‘You won’t need much rocking tonight’ said the taxi driver because I yawned on the way home. I do feel tired. I felt conflicted when I got finished at 8pm – I didn’t expect to be finished so early. I don’t feel the achievement of having worked a long shift, not impressed with the knowledge that I have put more than ten hours on the board. My night was free but I didn’t do anything with it – didn’t go out and meet the person who messaged me asking to meet me – didn’t devote a night to Poker, didn’t watch a film, just hung around at DtD drinking a few drinks and chatting. It was fun. The inbetweener – good remedy – bed. You won’t be worried about this inbetween sh*t tomorrow when you wake up all fresh and sober and full of time. I’m leaving for the gym at 5 (working at 8), dragging the dogs out before, watching an episode of The Wire, and getting a few hours in on the $.25/.50 elsewise. Developing, basically trying to put into practice all the good shit I know and not making those errors that humans make. Thinking straight, calm, honest and true. Thinking like an intellectual, playful, searching, happy, discursive.


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