Waheed Ashraf got a surprise Happy Birthday last night at Dusk Till Dawn – Simon Trumper leading a room full of poker players in song – although it would be kind to call it singing.

Later that night Trumper was spotted at the Dealers after hours game at Rileys – a 10p/10p Dealer’s Choice cash game where stacks regularly exceed 2000 big blinds. A good proportion of poker dealers are, of course, degenerate gamblers. The degenerate gamblers of the Dusk Till Dawn staff gather most nights to take turns in crippling each other financially with games such as Hi-Lo Cross, Super Stud Kings and Queens Wild, and 5 Card Draw with 5 Draws and Kings and Queens Wild.

When a new variation is introduced I will usually call off all my money during the first hand, while others sit back and observe how not to play the game. Slowly I adjust and learn to play more prudently, which is when Robin will come up with a new game.


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