Fists Activity

Short post to note a great week for the band.

Spent last two days in session with John Sampson and Andy Wright at Random Studios in Sneinton.  It could not have gone smoother, recording Skit, Cockatoo, You Dudes Rock and Little Ghost with no pain.  Really impressed with the studio which is a converted terraced house with live rooms downstairs and control room, living room and kitchen upstairs.  A little bit bizarre coz only communication between control room and live room is via mics and headphones and live rooms are quite small BUT the place is set up fantastic with good equipment including some superb antique microphones. 

What really made the session go well was Sampson’s strength as a producer and the fact that we were really well prepared knowing the songs.  No excuse if we weren’t well prepared because we’ve been playing those songs for years. 

Last played them during our support slot for Amusement Parks on Fire on Thursday night.  Went well great sound system and stage at Stealth, good crowd and APOF are a really nice bunch of lads, carrying nothing of the arrogance or aloofness of many signed bands.  I particularly enjoyed the aftershow party performance of You Slut, who you might describe as an instrumental math-rock band, displaying some very intricate guitar work and an astonishing drummer.  Loads of riffs carefully arranged but not cold, it was absolutely rocking.

In the preceding days we had one band practice and many rhythm section rehearsals, when Theresa and I mapped out each of the four tracks we were going to record, down to the smallest beat.  We practiced hard and that really paid off last weekend.


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