Old Blue Last Gig

Five Fists crammed into the Vauxhall Estate made their way down to the Old Blue Last in Shoreditch.

A friend described the business plan of Vice Magazine, who own the pub, as ‘Lets buy the most run down ropey boozer we can find, which will cost us f*ck all, do absolutely nothing to it, and put on loads of trendy acts in the room upstairs… hey presto – the coolest pub in London’.

Well the plan worked coz the place was full last night with students and musos and generally normal looking people as opposed to the Shoreditch Tw*t scenesters and fashion victims I had anticipated.  There with Amusement Parks on Fire was a beautiful girl from Moscow who taught me how to say ‘Hello my name is Joe’ in Russian.  I practiced it a few times but now I can’t remember.

We played, then Petebox played, then Amusement Parks played a long show.  Quite a mixed-up bill so I guess they chose Nottingham acts which they liked as opposed to acts with a similar sound.

Petebox does amazing things with a microphone and a loop pedal and to describe him as simply a beatboxer would be to do him a disservice.  You have to see his show to believe it.  He produces beats, bass, vocals and all kinds of sounds simultaneously in a kind of DJ mix of popular tunes and his own music.  The audience are dancing and also staring in disbelief and amazement.  Its a gig and a magic show.

We got a decent response considering probably only the four friends down at the front were at all familiar with our music.  Pete’s mate Woody kindly put us up for the night.  He runs a travel agency on Bethnal Green Road.  He really made an impression on me as an inspiringly positive and outgoing person.


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