Extreme Characters

The bus on the way to work now is packed with Goose Fairgoers. 

A colleague at work said one fairperson had threatened to bring 80 people down to the club to play poker but it never happened. 

Work is getting a little bit busier now.  The students coming back has made a little difference and i’ve seen a few faces re-appear last couple of weeks. 

But we still want it to be busier! Its a long time since the glory days of the Norweigan festival, or the first couple of months we were open, when crazily long and arduous shifts and tired ears from the noise of hundreds of excited people in one room were made all worthwhile with adequate monetary compensation.  The Anniversary Cup festival happens first week of December and I will be disappointed with anything less than five grinding days of business, some big money poker and a wad of tips at the end of it…

The characters you see on the bus, from the window of your car, or as you sit on a bench on a busy street, are as extreme and fantastic as a crazy cartoon.  Its difficult to set down a description of some of the people you see without the reader assuming you are exaggerating or characterising.  You clean your glasses, polish your shoes and apply pomade to your hair, then go downstairs and in walks a man with a long grey ponytail and a gut so huge your mouth hangs open.  The gut does not protude outwards but downwards, like a ball-sack, and your eyes cannot leave it because it has been encased in a XXL golf shirt, belted at the waist, so as to make a feature of the huge sack-gut which hangs down a full foot over the belt.  He walks with a waddling walk which makes the sack-gut wobble as he walks from side to side. 

On the bus we stop at the Goose Fair site and a man of slight build and slightly lower than average height makes his way from the bus.  He’s strutting a little bit with shoulders close together and bobbing from side to side.  His girlfriend follows in tow.  He’s wearing sportswear – a black and grey Lonsdale top and tracksuit bottoms.  He has a big black baseball cap turned backwards and, as if it were not enough to have it backwards it is backwards at a huge rakish angle.  He’s got massive shades on and its dusk in October.  To top off the pimp-walk, shades and baseball cap he chews a white lollipop stick between his teeth.  He seems full of confidence and arrogance.  The whole picture is like a cartoon, and my eyes are wide and i’m laughing to myself ‘how can he walk round like that’.  But he does walk round like that!  And I think about how all the freaks that you see on the street are far more amusing than the characters in comedy sketch shows or more vaguely that every crazy thing or crazy person you can imagine is out there already, its already been done, along with all the things and people you cannot imagine.


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