Battle of Champions

Yesterday we filmed the Norweigan ‘Battle of Champions’ TV tournament at Dusk Till Dawn.  Intriguingly, I’m not permitted to tell you who won.  Excitingly, the line-up included young millionaires Johnny Lodden and Annette Obrestrad.  Predictably, the day was sooooo boring and protracted as you would expect a film shoot to be.

My job was to stand behind the dealer with a clipboard noting down every single bet, raise, check and call, with the amount.  It wasn’t easy, but after ten hours I got the hang of it.

Simon Trumper was relegated to a supervisory role and the only commentary he got to do was announcing the rising blinds.  This was a contrast with his normal amped-up live commentary on every matchup.

Thank God for Lemsip I would have made a lot more mistakes were it not for this lemony, refreshing brew.

The 8 Norweigan players were really good (as you would expect) and during the first 120 or so hands, before action went down to the last four, there were a total of two walked pots and zero unraised pots.  Almost all of the players regularly defended their big blind to the first raise.  Often pots were played between a three-bettor and the initial raiser.  Johnny Lodden stood out in contrast as a player who liked to limp a lot – often from early position – and see many flops.

In this aggressive game showdowns were few and I can only remember one hand that was checked round on more than one street.  I look forward to seeing the finished footage so I can inspect the hole cards.  If you happen to see the program and notice any mistakes in the bet numbers/stack sizes displayed on screen its my fault. 

It was quite funny seeing Annette chowing down on a cheese-bap in the break.  Unfortunately I was too shy to chat to her much and far to professional to ask her to sign anything.


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