Lost Notebook; New Earphones

A few weeks ago I lost my music notebook when I left it at a gig.  In that notebook were lots of lyrics and song ideas – the scribbled beginnings of things that either get turned into projects, or not.

I wasn’t very upset about losing the notebook, and I thought about why.  It wasn’t like losing a word file of 2000 words from your computer.  It wasn’t like losing a mastertape of completed songs.  It was just a book of scribbled ideas.  If you don’t work on your ideas and turn them into projects then they remain ephemeral and insubstantial. 

For a while I’ve not spent a lot of time going back to the notebook and working those ideas into songs or other projects. 

For a while I thought it was enough to write down the ideas in the book, and come back and use the idea at a much later time.  But the truth is that you usually need to start work on an idea straight away, while its still fresh in your mind, if anything is to come of it.  The notebook might be useful as an aide memoir until you have a free couple of hours, but it is really not a receptacle of projects. 

Often an idea for a song might not get past the notebook, but if you don’t spend some time working on the idea you’ll never know!

Once you start working on the idea you scribbled down in the notebook, you don’t need the notebook anymore.  It becomes an organic thing in your creative mind and will pester you until its finished.  Of course it can take many many hours of demo-ing and re writing to finish a song.

So I didn’t lose a lot when I lost the notebook – I have already paid the opportunity cost of not following through on the ideas within it.

This week I bought a new pair of headphones and a couple of leads i needed to help me demo songs at home, and I got to work on my new notebook.


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