I returned to the house about 3pm this afternoon with a shopping bag and two dogs in tow.  I was hungry and looking forward to a pastrami and pickle sandwich.

What I got was quite a surprise.  Pigeon pie anyone?  As I shut the front door, a great crash and smash filled the house.  Blimey, I thought, did I just do that?  No, I had not.  It was a pigeon flown through the living room window at great speed, leaving a circular hole in the middle of the large pane, and glass everywhere, reaching all four walls.  On the varnished floorboards lay the fallen bird, twitching slightly and looking much the worse for wear.  It breathed its final breath as a small, thick pool of blood framed its sorry head.  I gave it a cursory poke with my shoe then bunged it in a bag and buried it at the bottom of the garden.

If somebody had been in that living room they would have had the fright of their life, but its very unlikely that they would have been hurt. 

It took a while to clean up all the glass.  I was glad that I didn’t have to kill the pigeon.


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