Struggling through yet another cash session about ten days ago, I decided to take a break with my old friend – the Sit and Go.

When the tournament finished, I realised that my bonus point ticker had fallen by 63 points – in one Sit and Go!

Full Tilt pay 7 points to the dollar on tournament registration, a few points more than most sites.  I realised that I could work my bonus off as quick or quicker playing SNGs as opposed to cash games. 

Within a short time I was 6-tabling, enjoying it, working off the bonus quickly and most importantly I was winning.

My game had changed.  I had shifted to a more loose aggressive style playing more hands before the flop, re-raising more before the flop, and getting some thin value bets and good bluffs post flop.  I had never made a conscious decision to do this, and even a few weeks ago I was playing a rigidly tight preflop tournament game.  Somehow I had gained a bit more confidence in my reads and a bit more of a laissez faire, gambly attitude.

Anyway the results have been great since including one massive day last week where I was actually running good, expecting to win every race, shoving a lot prelop and getting lucky – including one bubble hand shown below when I found the JTs in second position after an under-the-gun raiser.  Shipping it without a moment’s thought I was dismayed to see the JJ tabled.  But no stress – how about a Royal Flush?


sorry buddy

sorry buddy

So a better game coupled with running good means I’m now at the height of confidence and my bankroll has recovered too.  Its great to have a few tables open and have the sense of my chip stacks all moving in the right direction.


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