Lords at Arts Organisation

Had a cracking night on Friday which began with a support slot at the Lords album launch party at the Arts Organisation.

Haven’t set foot in this place before its an Art gallery with a coffee shop and has gigs/events on too.  Its quite large with high ceilings and a natural reverb that helps the sound.  I love it as a venue.

Lots of people turned up and the place was quite full even by 9pm when we played.  Before the gig we had decided to try and stop asking each other if we were ready between songs and wondering aloud what the next song was.  It helped because we delivered the set quite strongly and tightly – including new addition Vicious Times.

Thats my song and its donkey’s old.  I have to confess I relished the opportunity to take the central microphone and perform it.  The song sounded quite strong with the band especially with Angie on backing vocals.  Consequently I got even more of a buzz off this gig. 

Afterwards a member of the audience asked for a set list! How cool is that?

Angie and I then repaired to the chip shop for a kebab.  I usually leave it to the end of the night before I order a chicken doner on naan with all the salad and sauce and extra onions, and as Angie asked the man to hold the onions on her doner, I realised why its not a good idea to eat a load of onions before you go out on the town.  They make your breath stink.

I smoked a cigarette and rinsed my mouth with Bells whiskey but I’m not sure if that made the situation worse or better.  Even if the stinging alcohol had succeeded as a mouthwash, my gassy tummy brought regular reminders of the dinner I had consumed.  Oh well, I thought, I’ll just have to keep a good distance from others when I speak to them.

On the street we were approached by two young american gentlemen who introduced themselves as Jesse and Brett from Jack Ruby Presents.  They are a good band and lovely lads from Oregon, studying at Nottingham Uni, and I was flattered when they told us they were into Fists and had enjoyed the set.

Down the front at the Arts Organisation I got carried away watching Lords play and earned myself a sore neck as well as a sore head for the morrow.  This trio are a proper band with loud guitars, riffs and a drummer that most groups would sell their kidneys for.  Although he didn’t have a microphone he was the star of the night, in bright red tracksuit bottoms and shirt, centre stage, making Keith Moon type faces and movements as he commanded his kit.  At the top of the set I was craning my neck to look for the bass player, but they don’t have one.  Chris Summerlin gets an amazing low end tone from his rhythm guitar.

Buzzing from the music I made the short walk over to Loggerheads where Yeah I’ll Play it Later DJs were finishing their set.  I went crazy when Bones played ‘Rum and Coca-Cola’ by the Andrew Sisters, which I’d been singing all day.  What a coincidence – or perhaps he had also tuned into Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour last week (the subject was alcohol).  If you listen to ‘Rum and Coca-Cola’ on YouTube you’ll hear the Andrew Sister’s close harmonies, featuring an impressive downwards sliding vocal bit at the end of the chorus.

Emboldened by the music and the beer, and challenged by the early closing time, we retreated to the cave to sing showtunes.  Again the recurring theme of getting carried away was to the fore.  Making jazz hands and putting on a faux musical style voice, a group of us made up some exaggerated Broadway style songs.  We had to make them up because regrettably I didn’t know any.  It was fun and lots of laughter and tomfoolery followed.  Then, like a bolt from the blue, I remembered that I knew most of the words from Jackie, so Theresa and I launched into a stirring version.  After a few minutes we were told to quiet down as Loggerheads has had some problems with noise pollution and its neighbours.  Usually they get complaints about the massive pumping sound system rather than a few overstimulated punters singing Jacques Brel tunes 12 feet underground. 

On the streets of Nottingham, the made-up showtunes continued, with arms round lamposts and cries of ‘lets do the show right here’.  It was at this point when things got pushed one over the eight, as we found that the Pop Confessional was still going on upstairs at the Social.  The DJs were very generous with their bottle of Vodka, giving charge of it to Katie on the condition that she did not ‘take the piss’.  But later it was the DJs themselves who took the piss, as they asked me to stand still and open my mouth as they poured several shots worth of the potato-based drink directly down my gob.

Theresa must have had a good night as she woke up without her handbag and with someone else’s coat.  God bless her.


The touchy-feely sisters are having a wonderful time here on the Dean Martin Show in 1967


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