Easy as Step 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?

Took a long walk today, did not manage to find a continental power adapter.  Did find an old Italian town called la Taggia, where I had a conversation in a foreign language with a cafe proprietor.  Unfortunately I only know a few words of Italian, but its amazing how much you can understand and convey with gestures and facial expressions. 

Can’t write much coz battery about to die. 

Tried to wear myself out with a gym, swim and sauna.  Formulated my general strategy for tomorrow.  The first step is easy, step two I need to work on as I go and step three is going to be interesting.

1. Commentary, range, options.  Thats the hard boiled shorthand of the poker analysis neccessary every single deal.  Constantly observing the actions, speech and body language of my opponents; putting them on a range of holdings; thinking through my options and deciding which is the best one.

2. Adopting the Joe Navarro/Phil Hellmuth method of concealing body language, while also trying to pick up as many tells as possible from my opponents.  This means I have to robotically follow the same routine every hand:- look at my cards, cup my hands together under my chin, announce my action… then keep the same position until the hand is over.  Minimum eye contact with my opponents. Should have got this downpat by now but haven’t played much live poker.  Hopefully should have plenty of practice over the next few  days. 

3. The unknown bit.  Have hardly played with stacks this deep before so have a new weapon at my disposal: the third and fourth raise! There’s enough chips to put a 4-bet in preflop and still be able to fold, to bet every street and be raised out of the pot on the river, etc etc.  I’ll need to work hard to keep abreast of the stack sizes and plan how the betting will unfold, with a view to i) being the player in the position to make the last significant action (i.e. i’m the one whose all-in bet is the final testing blow, rather than being the one facing an all-in bet) and ii) always being aware of where the commitment threshold is

Feel (almost) ready and can see myself in the zone.

Gonna do a bit of reading and get an early night, play starts at 2pm tomorrow.


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