San Remo friday

I don’t play till Sunday so i let myself have a few beers tonight at the Pokerstars welcome party. Fortunately the free bar had been exhausted by midnight when i tendered my request for a Johnnie Walker.  My desire for Whisky quickly retreated when i was told i would have to pay for it.

The price of a short, expensive as it might be to me, would not mean anything to many of the young cash-rich poker players knocking around this bar.  Outisde one of the Italian lads, who looks about 20, bets his friend 10,000 euros that he is the taller of the two.  The measuring tape shows that he is the shorter by an inch, and he pays up. 

Several times during the journey today i laugh when i remind myself that i’m here after spending a few hundred player points on Pokerstars – flying to Italy to compete in a 5,000 euro buy-in poker tournament which is tonight sold out at 1,000 runners with a waiting list of 200.  There is celebration at the welcome party as we realise this will be one of the biggest tournaments of the year.  My companion continues the party in town as i retire to write this blog, listen to Lucinda Williams, get some rest, not drink more alcohol and prepare to get up tomorrow to have a Rocky day in preparation for the Main Event.

There are two very sexy dancers at the party.  My companion is taken with the brunette, but unfortunately she brushes him off saying ‘its a shame you don’t speak Italian’.  He vows to learn Italian soon.  The bus driver asks us if we prefer English girls, and we say we prefer Italian.  He says he prefers English, because Italian girls are only after one thing – money.

A Norweigan pro sponsored by Full Tilt Poker tells me he gets 100% rakeback and is paid $35 dollars per hour to play on the site.  Unfortunately Full Tilt will not pay for his entry into this tournament.  He’s having drinks and enjoying himself.  Meanwhile Greg Raymer and Chad Brown take full advantage of the delicious-but-very-salty buffet, Evelyn Ng drifts around looking gorgeous, and Dario Mineri poses for photographs with the sexy dancers.   My companion downs another shot of sambuca and says ‘I could get used to this’.


3 Responses to “San Remo friday”

  1. Rich Wootton Says:

    Kick Ass Wiggly, get ya A game on, you can soak it up after 😉

  2. Robin Says:

    sounds like u r living in dream land!
    gl m8

  3. Anders Says:

    Good luck Joe!

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