The Way of the Iron Fist

Hit the poker hard following my return from San Remo and before returning to work. Continuing to beat 6max turbos on ipoker (p99njoe) and was lucky enough to score second place in an MTT on Full Tilt.

A dream week really and a maximum implementation of my new poker mindset – The Iron Fist. Imagine a tightly clenched fist, encased in armour. Every hand it slams down on the table. Every hand, every tournament, the mind is alert, observant. Making the right choices. Absolute consistency. No lazy mind. Disciplined. This is the Way of the Iron Fist.

In between Iron Fist sessions, I have been entertained by repeated viewings of the following video. It features the master of the Iron Mic, Ely Porter. Ely appeared on his college television rap show and has since become an internet sensation. His current whereabouts are a mystery.

Delve further into the world of the Iron Mic and experience possibly the worst rapper ever, Levasaurus Rex.


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