Brutal – Episode 2

About 30 hours after being admitted into hospital, I open my eyes in the recovery room after a successful operation. I have two titanium plates joining the fractures in my jaw. My mouth is even more swollen than it was yesterday. My throat feels as dry and rough as sandpaper. The nurses are trying to wake me up but I am confused and don’t know if I want to be asleep or not. I feel very restless and can’t arrange my body into a comfortable position. I feel like this, groggy and dry, for the next few hours. I did not think that recovering from the operation would be as tough as being mugged. It feels like the worst hangover I could ever imagine, and it will go on for the next few days. My immune system is low and I will get a cold and a skin infection. I will feel listless for the next week or so. 

I watch bad films on Sky and sleep a lot. I can’t chew anything for a while so my diet improves – lots of fresh fruit smoothies and lots of vegetable soup. I am reminded of how lucky I am to have many good friends who bring support, sympathy and get well soon cards. My family are brilliant. I’m touched when the staff and customers at work have a whip round and raise a few hundred quid to help me replace what was stolen. I don’t shave for 12 days and I am disappointed to see that my beard is not full and doesn’t look great. I shave it off. The swelling of my mouth is gradually reduced and the headaches stop. 

Hilariously, my flatmate comes down with Shingles and is also off work for the week. We play loads of low buy-in tournaments on Poker Stars and lose. I lose my temper when I have problems with my computer and realise that as well as resting my body I need to rest my mind as well.


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