My flatmate moved out last week so I have been enjoying spreading out my stuff into another room. I set up an office on the first floor.

There are no curtains or blinds in this flat and my office looks east over a lot of back gardens. There must be people in those houses wondering what is this man doing on his computer at odd hours of the day and night. He must have square eyes looking at that screen for so long. Why is that he sometimes leaps up out of his chair and throws his mouse against the wall?

There was some leaping last Thursday when I emptied my account on Titan during a downswing playing sit-n-gos. I took this hard because I have not re-deposited on Titan since my initial $500 in March. Damn.

I decided to play multis on Stars and Tilt during the evening. I should not have been playing at all. I made several bad decisions. Making bad decisions in $100 tournaments is not funny.

So another string of losses later, and I am facing the worst day in dollars lost. The worst ever day. Fortunately I managed to score second in a $20 rebuy on Full Tilt to swing it all  back round into the black. What a relief.

I not bothered about losing money when I play good, but making mistakes I have made before really pisses me off. So I took a breather and did some reviewing during a couple of days off playing. I analysed some hands where I hit the skids and watched some training videos. I realised that I have to take a night off after a big losing session.

Now its Sunday and I need to try and get the night off to play the $370 World Series qualifier plus some more multis.

I feel so good about my game now, which is still evolving, and my bankroll is healthy. I feel like something big is knocking on the door…


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