Arriving in Vegas

A couple of hours after arriving in Vegas and I’ve already seen a number of familiar faces from the glamorous world of high stakes poker. Also ran into a number of familiar faces from the glamorous world of Dusk Till Dawn.

After the journey from hell, including three hours going through customs at Philiadelphia airport, we arrive at the Imperial Palace. Its not really palatial or imperial. I’m disappointed but not surprised when Ernie the desk clerk does not find our reservation.

Oh well, its directly across the strip from Caesars Palace, which is very palatial. The acres of slots, table games, restaurants and bars greet the eye just like you expected, because you’ve seen this movie many times. You’re not prepared for the voracious heat, which blasts you when you walk out of the air-conditioned hotel. At any time of the night or day the heat is trapped under any outdoor canopy or awning, and if you walked into any sauna this hot you would walk straight back out again.

On our way to the Bellagio we meet Steve Jelinek, who casually reports his final table places in a stud event and a plo8 event at the World Series. He’s just ‘donked off’ $1000 in a ‘crap shoot’ hold-em event at the Bellagio. Lol.

The poker room at the Bellagio is smaller than I expected. I expect they will roll out more tables for larger events. The twenty or so games going on now are crammed into a luxurious salon, with an even more luxurious and exclusive salon called ‘Bobby’s Room’ within. Bobby’s Room has glass walls so you can peer in to rail Sammy, Phil, Doyle and Johnny. I’m a bit overawed because yes, they’re all actually in there, playing poker. Just as my companion says ‘cool room, but it must be like playing in a goldfish bowl’, we get moved on by security.

“You can play, but you can’t watch” (laughs)

Well maybe next week. For now we go back to Caesars to sample a little 1/3 NL. The room is bustling. I meet Greek Jack, some Norweigans and spot other familiar faces.

An early night and back for the deepstack $340 tomorrow.

…gotta go my internet time has gone!


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