Beer Ponged

Went to Poker Stars party last night in Rain at The Palms. In the queue met BigMickG from Dublin, who is a massive sit n go player on Stars. If you look him up on Sharkscope you may not be that impressed with his results – an ROI of 3% generating $30k over 36,000 games. However, Sharkscope does not show rakeback income. According to Mick, attaining Supernova Elite status on Stars allows one to obtain bonuses equivalent to 80% rakeback. A sit n go regular playing $100+ tournaments will generate a sick amount of rake. Mick got $120k back in 2007 and $160k in 2008.

Mick had three beautiful girls on his arm and was still in the Main Event, playing day 3 the following afternoon. I had three mates on my arm and had already busted, meaning I could let my hair down a bit and take advantage of the open bar. Who wins?

I can really blame Poker Stars for today’s hangover. The only food they provided was a couple of trays of auderves. I had already drank two pitchers of Bud Light during a bad session of beer pong.


Naturally the crowd was made up of 90% men. The situation was helped a little by a team of beautiful podium dancers in various costumes. Rain is a big cavernous club with two mezzanine floors circling the arena. You had to be Supernova status to access the first floor, and Supernova Elite/Team Pro or a VIP to access the second floor. Of course this created a bit of a segregated feel, with the Supernovas and the Pros looking down over the plebs.

I was not the only busted main event player letting his hair down at Rain. Negreanu was having a great time mixing it up down on the dancefloor. He was all smiles and perhaps a little worse for wear, even swapping places for a few minutes with one of the podium dancers. He seemed to be getting quite friendly with Liv Boeree, and the crowd made a little space on the dancefloor for an impromptu dance off between them. I felt in a dancing mood and jumped in to show them some moves. Five seconds later I fell on my arse. I tried to get up quickly and smoothly, so that my fall might look like part of the routine. In hindsight I don’t think that fooled anyone.

I had a little chat and a grip and grin with Daniel. Then Shaun Deeb roared past. I got a bit excited and shouted “Shaun Deeb!” at the top of my voice. He turned round and shouted “yeah!”. I bumped into him three or four times during the night, each time shouting his name loudly in his face, and he would reply “yeah!” with similar enthusiasm. It seemed to make sense in the middle of a loud club. Perhaps it was a bit weird later on when I shouted at him outside in the queue for a taxi.

When Nelly came on I rushed to the front of the stage. I suddenly became the biggest Nelly fan ever, singing along, dancing along and loving it. I thought about trying to dive on to the stage to have a dance but then thought better of it. A girl next to me got really pissed off and started saying weird nasty things. I told her to cheer up. The security guy agreed with me when I said “we’ll all here to have a good time”.

The night finished at a bar a mile away from the Palms called Money Plays. It is a real genuine American bar, with locals, a barman who knows everyone’s name, a pool table and even a shuffle board. A shuffle board is a fifteen-foot wooden version of curling. If you don’t manage to keep  one puck on the board you have to do the ‘walk of shame’. All customers of the bar shout at you while the proprietor shines a torch in your face, as you walk a circuit of the room. I did not have to do the walk of shame.



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