Who loves Sunday

Nothing much happened got all 6 tourneys running now. Very focussed and tight. Feeling like this is the start of a long night.

Sent: 14-02-2010 20:30

Two jaw-dropping beats, one all-in move gone wrong, three tournaments remain. Comfortable in all. Bit pissed off.

Sent: 14-02-2010 20:56

Focussing on getting my share of $1.9 mill. Maximum potential payout: $166,000

Sent: 14-02-2010 21:32

Started with 40864. Two minutes ago was 17129. Now there are 17128.

Sent 14-02-2010 21:54

Ran kings into aces – out. Another good all-in play gone wrong – out. Ready to jump out the window – only have fucking quarter million left.

Sent 14-02-2010 21:57

Completely on tilt now just bin 5-outed to bust the Last tournament. How many of these fucking things do I hav2play before i get a big result?

Sent 14-02-2010 22:33

Still up – still on tilt

Sent 15-02-2010 02:15


2 Responses to “Who loves Sunday”

  1. theresa wrigley Says:

    Joe – what does this mean?

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