Soul4Sale and Greco Session

phone call


Lying in bed the other day I received a call from Brendan. ‘This gig my band are playing on Friday, the other act have dropped out. Can you come and play a set?’ Of course I can mate. I’m in practice coz I’ve been preparing for a recording session on Sunday. I have booked 5 hours at Sirkus with a view to making a live demo of every single song I don’t already have a demo of. If I do say so myself, this was a brilliant idea. It gave me the gumption to get back into practice and work on my songs.

Now I need to sort out some kind of a website to make these songs available on. The session went well, thanks to help from Theresa on percussion, and Rob and Tom on the controls. We got 20 tracks recorded!

At the gig on Friday I had the privilege of playing to a home crowd. Brendan had dragged a bunch of family and friends down. There were a few there who were actually familiar with a couple of the songs I played. That made things easier. As far as most of the audience were concerned, it was the usual quizzical regard for this unusual bloke playing ‘weird’ songs. Nothing weird about it in my eyes, of course, but this is the response I get. Brendan brings bright colours to the performance when he gets up to sing and add harmonica.

I play a song I have never played before called ‘Doctor’. I tense up a bit and find it difficult to deliver this song well. I have less confidence in how people will react to the song because I have never played it. Afterwards I think thats interesting coz after all most people will be hearing every song for the first time not just Doctor. Why should I have no confidence in Doctor but every confidence in Very Well Considering?

After a couple of beers and a couple of compliments I’m feeling pretty good about myself. Brendan’s band Soul4Sale take to the stage and absolutely smash it. They are strong musicians. They pull off the task of making people listen and dance to music they haven’t heard before. That is a hard thing to do. There is one cover. Its great to see Brendan up there as the front man singing out and leading the band.


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