A Note about this Blog

I started this Blog a few years ago as an exercise to get me writing regularly, and for the good feeling that comes from composing one’s thoughts on paper.

I lost interest in the blog around the same time as returning from my first visit to Thailand in Spring 2010. Now I am back in Thailand for the third time and for an extended period. I have decided to kick the blog off again. I was about to open a new WordPress page before I reviewed the last few entries and realised that there will actually be direct continuity between my last post over two-and-a-half years ago and my next post today. Also, this means I will not have to bother opening a new page.

My reasons for re-starting the blog:

1. Keep friends and family updated regarding my travels

2. Dedicating more time to creative writing

3. As I’m in a different country experiencing weird things and seeking an alternative lifestyle, there is an outside chance that the blog will at some stage actually become interesting for others to read.

4. Documenting my life for my own future amusement and reference

5. Because it feels good.


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